Just a few days ago, Sarah and I realized we’d been in the States for 2 years. On March 13th 2008, we arrived at the airport in St Louis with 10 suitcases and 4 kids, not knowing where we’d live or what we’d do! All we knew was that God had called us. Crazy? You decide.

SO whats changed? Macauley’s accent…Kenzie’s hair…the girls are taller…I’m heavier…Sarah’s more beautiful;). In short, the last 2 years have been the most painful, fast, life-changing, roller-coasterish, best, most challenging 2 years of our lives.

The first year in St Louis was spent doing a Church Planting Training Course. It was a great time of training but tough on the family. Its hard living somewhere where you know you’ll only be for a year. Its also hard leaving friends and family and we went through times of real home-sickness. We were an hour out of St Louis itself working with Rick Hein at Jubilee Church Wentzville. We made some good friends there but by March 2009 it was time to move on again.

So, a year to the day of arriving in St Louis, we arrived in Charlotte with a few more items (and no more kids thankfully!). A fantastic group of people awaited us in Charlotte and we got stuck into building relationships and starting the church. To keep things simple and short, partly through my own weaknesses and mistakes (actually mostly), and partly through the plans of others, God gave us all here a huge wake up call. God has spent the last 9 months or so showing me that I’m really not ‘all that’! He’s been graciously showing me that the church here in Charlotte will be built by Him using me and everyone else here, not by me using Him. This wasn’t intentionally done by me but revealed to me along the way. I can honestly say that I’m a different person to the one that left England 2 years ago.

All along, Sarah and I have absolutely LOVED being in Charlotte. From the first few weeks it has felt like home. We love the city, the people, our neighbors and all the people in the church. The kids love it too. Holly and Poppy are really settled and love their schools and Mac loves his pre-school as well. We’re looking forward to spending the rest of our lives here (unless God calls us away again!!!).

I wonder what the next 2 years has in store??